Tim Chrzan PGA Class A

Tim started playing golf in 1963 and had the good fortune of working with instructors that were ahead of their time in teaching methods. Working within a basic skill set and fundamentals he developed a solid understanding of the golf swing. Working in the golf industry, he set a course to membership in the PGA, and was elected in 1983.Working as Director of Golf, Director of Instruction, and Golf Coach, he has continued to develop a learning method that is considered to be logical and easy to understand at all levels of skill.

PGA Professional

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We pride ourselves on the mantra of "There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only golf." Instruction from the very first timer to the most advanced player, PGA Professional Tim Chrzan has worked with CEO's of major companies, trained State Champions in High School and Amateurs, and especially enjoys working with disabled veterans to bring them all to a higher love and understanding of the game.